What I Eat In A Day - 80/20 Rule​

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Okay, ladies let’s talk nutrition. For the majority of my life, I would say that I wasn't a good eater. Meaning I was extremely picky, ate very little vegetables and I had a little bit of a sweet tooth (ok still do). I was a chunky kid. Whenever my mom or siblings would try to monitor how much I ate, I would then go overboard. Since I have gained the knowledge and benefits of eating nutritious foods and eating balanced meals, I eat much better on a consistent basis without effort. Does this mean that I don’t indulge in sweets? Wrong! I do.

By no means are my eating habits perfect. I do have my days when all I want to eat is dark chocolate, however, once I eat a meal filled with macronutrients one piece will usually do the trick. I’m human, you are human and slip-ups are bound to happen. If this happens you need to assess what is triggering you to eat and know that your health and worth does not change if you eat something labeled as “bad”. It is important to practice listening to your body for cues for hunger and fullness. I don't believe in "Cheat Days" but I do love to enjoy treats. Its all about balance, if you are eating nutritious foods 80% of the time go ahead and treat yourself. Eating one "bad" thing is not going to erase all the progress you have accomplished.

Today I am sharing what I eat in a day. On this particular day, I ate like a vegan. I am what you call a flexitarian. According to Wikipedia, a flexitarian diet is one that is plant-based with the occasional inclusion of meat. I eat this way because this is what works and feels best for my body. I made changes to my diet based on what I have learned through getting certified as a Fitness and Nutrition Expert and my own research. Since cutting a lot of processed foods and eating more of a plant-based diet overall I feel amazing. If you are interested in learning how to eat for optimal health or if you are finally ready to stop the fad diets; please get in touch with me today as I am currently offering 1-on-1 K2B Coaching.

Please note that it is important to consult a physician before changing your diet or starting a new fitness program.

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