Week of 09/06/2021 in 2mins| Vlog |Work out with me

I can't believe we are already in September! Where did the time go?

Kids are finally back at school. We did online schooling all of last year so your girl was more than ready to send the boys back to school. So far so good though, boys are adjusting nicely and I finally have more time to work on my business. I am still figuring things out but routines are coming together.

On Tuesday, I got my second shot. My arm was sore for a couple of days and I felt very tired on Wednesday but by Thursday I was back to feeling like myself again. This week I ended up getting in 3 awesome workouts, 2 strength and 1 cardio (not filmed sorry). Not bad, right?! The goal is to workout 5 times a week, I'll keep you posted on how next week goes. Comment below or send me a message regarding your fitness goals.

Stay hydrated!

-Coach Kesha

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