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Hey, girl hey. I know exactly how it is to be grinding at a 9 to 5. Either you arrive to work early or you stay late or sometimes both. You sacrifice going to the gym or even a social life in order to climb the corporate ladder. Or maybe you are the stay at home mom, the night owl entrepreneur struggling to find time for exercise. You overthink what to eat that is healthy so you end up eating whatever you see first, even if it's your kid's snacks. You are busy, exhausted, your energy is low most days so you often reach for a second cup of coffee, or coca cola or even something sweet to give you that sugar rush. At the same token, you are wondering why your clothes don’t fit as they used too. You've tried going to the gym, either 1 to 3 days a week but you're not consistent. Ultimately, you want to change but you keep doing the same things. This, my friend, is called being trapped in a habit loop.

The point is I get it, I’ve been there too! Feeling overly busy, juggling home, work, a side hustle and dealing with everything life has to throw at you, but guess what? You have complete control of your life, you get to decide how your body looks and what you put inside it. Right now is the time to make you a priority, no more finding time but instead, you are going to make time. The first step is to change your habits and get out of the loop. The truth is you are capable of so much more once you get the habits right.

Habits form once a route becomes familiar. The brain converts a sequence of actions into an automatic routine, this is the base of how new habits are formed. Once a habit is formed, our brain is then free to chase other thoughts. Have you ever wonder why some of your best ideas come to you when you are doing something mundane like washing the dishes or driving with no pen insight.

The habit loop is a 3 step process: cue, routine and reward.

Cue - this triggers the habit, this tells your brain to go into automatic mode and select which habit to use. The trigger could be anything from a smell, time, object and etc.

Routine - can be physical / mental / emotional

Reward - helps your brain figure out if this particular loop is worth remembering for the

future. Example of reward could be a feeling, such as satisfaction, gratification, joy and etc.

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The driving force behind the habit loop is cravings. A subconscious craving emerges in our brain that starts the habit loop. Without a plan to deal with the triggered cue that is left unsatisfied, you will experience a reaction of wanting. This will evolve into an obsession. This craving will have your brain switch to autopilot.

The only way to change the habit loop is to have a plan of action.

Identify the cue

Change the routine

Figure out what reward you are ultimately seeking

Cultivate a new craving to drive the habit loop

The truth is that old habits never completely disappear, you are human and slip-ups can occur. As long as you have a plan of action, you can overcome your old ways and establish new habits. Take it day by day, every day is an opportunity to be better than yesterday. Remember the goal is to progress over perfection You got this!

Check out my at home workout routine below!

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