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My name is Nikesha Blake. I help women who struggle to find time for self-care but would like to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I am a Certified Fit Chicks Fitness and Nutrition Expert and a Certified Personal Trainer with Can Fit Pro.  


Through my fitness programs, nutrition coaching and lifestyle tips, I remind women of the importance of self-care -while empowering females to be the fierce woman they were meant to be.


This is my story. Before kids, I worked in a corporate environment working my way up the ladder. I was always a fitness enthusiast, hitting the gym when possible and trying out new classes. After two kids, I was full of excuses, tired and mentally drained. Immediate family members were facing serious health issues and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle was becoming more clear. The workplace was changing and suddenly I was forced to decide between my happiness or corporate life. Once I made the decision to put my health first, clarity happened and I decided to pursue my passion. 


I started Keys to Becoming because I want to help women; whether you are a mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, the corporate chick, or all the above to realize that you don't have to sacrifice self-care to be successful. Through my programs, I coach women on how to make daily movement a habit and how to eat for optimal health. 


And when I am not helping women to become the best version of themselves through coaching, you can find me in a pair of leggings creating custom bits with my Cricut or often behind the lens capturing memories with my family. 


For more information on K2BFiT programs please contact me at


Don't forget to check out my blog for motivation and tips!

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